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Maintenance Tips

7 Maintenance Tips for your Porsche

     The Porsche models we sell at our Davenport dealership are made to dominate the road and require great care, whether you’re driving it for work every day or take it out for a spirited drive to Chicago. Use these seven car maintenance tips to increase your vehicle’s lifespan so you confidently hop into your Porsche without any looming problems.


1. Oil Change

     Like all engines, Porsche powerplants rely on lubrication to function efficiently. Be sure you regularly check the oil in your Porsche each time before refueling. Do not allow the oil level to fall below the minimum mark, and change the oil at the intervals recommended for your Porsche in the owner’s manual. The multifunction display on your Porsche gives you the ability to check oil levels without having to pull out a dipstick or mess with an oily rag. Check the instructions for your particular model. Porsche recommends using Mobil 1 synthetic oil, which provides the maximum engine protection and lubrication.

2. Tire Air Pressure Check

     For safety and best performance, check your tire pressure at least monthly when cold and inflated to the inflation pressure recommended by Porsche on the tire inflation pressure label posted in the vehicle. As an added safety feature, your vehicle has been equipped with a tire pressure monitoring (TPM) system that illuminates a low tire pressure warning light when one or more of your tires is significantly under-inflated. Accordingly, when the low tire pressure light illuminates, you should stop and check your tires as soon as possible, and inflate them to the proper pressure. Driving on a significantly underinflated tire causes the tire to overheat and can lead to tire failure. Under-inflation also reduces fuel efficiency and tire tread life, and may affect the vehicle's handling and stopping ability.

3. Brake Pad

      Other than the motor making your Porsche move, the brakes are the most important part of the car because the brakes make sure you safety stop. Brake pads last on average of 30,000 miles.

4. Check Exterior Lights

     Next time you drive your car at night, take a look at all the lights to make sure the bulbs are glowing and working properly. Your safety goes hand-in-hand with properly lit front and rear lights to help you see the road ahead, and other drivers see you. Check all exterior lights; headlight, taillights, turn signals, brake lights, and license plate lights.

5. Proper Storage

     If you don’t drive your Porsche all-year round, you’ll want to take the necessary measures to make sure it’s stored properly. Make sure it’s stored in a cool, dark, and dry place, like a garage or storage unit. A heavy car cover is also great to have to protect your investment. Washing road salts and other grime off your paint and undercarriage goes a long way to forestall corrosion and faded paint. If you regularly take your Porsche to a car wash and you really want to maintain your Porsche, you should wash it yourself at least once in a while.

6. Tire Rotation

     Tire care is also important to your vehicle’s longevity because proper tire tread thickness is directly related to stopping power and handling. We recommend a tire rotation every 5,000 miles so you can aim for accurate tire wear.

7. Spark Plug Swap

     If you really want your Porsche to last for thousands of miles, change the spark plugs. The interval in which you have to change out the spark plugs varies depending on the model and make of the vehicle, but our auto service technicians can inspect yours to make sure they’re in proper working condition.